A Ministry of Presence


For First Responders

It’s all about being there. Being available. Being accessible. We show up and share the journey because even Heroes need a Helping Hand.

Are you a First Responder?

What we do

4Heroes exists to provide emotional and spiritual support to first responders  and their families.

Being There

As a ministry of presence, the most important thing is “being there”. We spend a lot of time at call centers, fire stations, and behind the windshields of fire trucks and police cars.

Bring Comfort

Like first responders, we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – in an effort to bring comfort, consolation, hope, and help to our local heroes and their families.


Rally Resources

Financial and volunteer resources and infrastructure are needed to make this mission a success. Would you be willing to help us help those who look after us?

We show up and share the journey

Public safety workers are there for us when we need them most. We want them to know that they are loved, appreciated, and supported.

What we believe

It is important to know that we do not consider ourselves as merely “Chaplains for Christians”. We are here to support all in public safety, regardless of what they may or may not believe. We will always do so with gentleness, empathy and love. However, it’s equally important to know that we are Christian Chaplains. That means that we see the world, and all that it holds, through a very specific lens of faith and hope. Without apology, we will always present ourselves as Ambassadors of Christ and His Gospel.

GOD is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1

Get involved

We could use your support for this important work. With hundreds of first responders in our local area, it takes an army. 







Read about what some of our hero first responders are saying about the work we are doing.

“Needing help? Seeking a dedicated, motivated, compassionate response to the complicated world of serving in public safety? I invite you to explore the multi-faceted team lead by Frank Mercer at 4Heroes. Frank is dedicated to coming alongside of public safety personnel ranging from Command to the most recent recruit to offer an anchor of reason, a shoulder of compassion and a voice of encouragement. In public safety it is important to have a reliable resource that does not have a say in promotion, politics or policies. A resource of integrity, knowledge and with a deep rooted desire to make a difference in people’s lives. I encourage you to consider Frank Mercer and his team at 4Heroes as a vital resource to the success of your team.”

Ron J Little

Chaplain Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services

“There’s a lot of talk about #backtheblue, but 4Heroes puts in the work. Our chaplain comes in every week to spend time with our 911 staff. He listens carefully and offers sound advice and counsel when appropriate. He shows up on scene to support personnel, no matter the time of day or night. Then he’ll show up at dispatch to offer support to those of us behind the scenes. These folks have servant hearts and your support helps sustain their ministry and their mission.”

Sharon Tinsley

Terminal Agency Coordinator, Fayette County 911

“The work of first responders is vital to every community. But few recognize the toll that attending our community’s emergency needs can take. For this reason, the ministry of 4Heroes is just as vital. Whether attending to victims of trauma or to the responders themselves, the support provided by 4Heroes is needed.”

Dave Sims

Pastoral Counselor

“4Heroes provides an outlet for personnel that deal with work related and personal issues to improve their quality of life both at work and at home. 4Heroes has been there for my crew and I during and after some really difficult calls. Frank’s guidance and leadership have proved invaluable for our organization.”

Lt. Jason Anderson

Fayette Country Fire and EMS

“4Heroes is an effective and needed ministry to our first responders. The emotional and spiritual support that they provide is essential in these difficult days. As the pressures of serving mount, the numbers of those willing to serve diminish. That’s why it’s so important for ministries like 4Heroes to provide help and hope for our friends in public safety.”

Lonnie Clause

Executive Director, First Responders 1st

“First Responders are the first to arrive on the scene of a tragedy. They are there to help others, but who helps them? Often the memories of that tragedy stay with the responders long after the call is over. 4Heroes is a unique organization that exists to provide support and healing once the call is done.”

Toby Spencer

Retired Sheriff’s Deputy, Volunteer Chaplain with 4Heroes

“The ministry and services provided to our Fire Department by Chaplain Frank Mercer and 4Heroes has made a valuable difference to our fire fighters. The Chaplain routinely visits with the crews and spends the needed time to establish real relationships. As a result they feel comfortable reaching out to him and discussing high stress emergency calls. Additionally, when our employees experience a personal or family event he is there to help them navigate thru the difficulty. He wisely applies various levels of support to those in need based on the individual employees own available resources and preferences.

Chaplain Mercer and the ministry provided by 4Heroes to our fire fighters cannot be quantified and we are fortunate to reap the benefits that spring from his heart for first responders.”

David L. Peace, MS, FOIV

Assistant Chief Fire/EMS Operations, Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services

“Our Fire Department Chaplain, Frank Mercer, has been instrumental in the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the men and women of this organization for a number of years. He truly cares about not only the firefighters, but the family members of the firefighters as well. He has made a tremendous impact on “The Fire Department Family” as a unit, and he plays a vital role in their everyday lives. He is frequently found on the high impact calls standing along-side of the responders as a support member, and then returns to the station to minster to the needs they may have regarding the trauma they may have witnessed.

Chaplain Mercer begins the work week with a prayer huddle in the early morning hours every Monday at Headquarters and follows that up with Fire Station visits to the shift on-duty every Tuesday. He is a true friend, and the effect he has on the lives of our responders is immeasurable.

We are beyond blessed to have a Chaplain of this man’s caliber on our team!”

Jeffrey W. Hill, MPA, EFO, CFO, MIFireE

Fire Chief, Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services

“While working for the Fire Department that I recently retired form, I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Mercer. On the off chance he might accept, I asked him if he would be interested in being the Department Chaplain. I could tell he was moved by the offer, and it was a great decision and opportunity for both the Department and Frank. He accepted and has done great things for the members of the Department. Frank is a motivator who is caring, honest, and always available. It has been my experience over the last 28 years that Chaplains either have a calling of the fire service brotherhood or they don’t. It is clear to me that Frank has been called to serve the members of the fire service community..”

Pete Nelms

Division Chief (Retired), Fayette County Fire Department

“I’ve known Frank since we were kids in church. Frank has always had a heart for service. It was really no surprise to see him give his life to minister to others. On critical incidents, I’ve seen Frank quietly tending to a victim and drawing alongside our first responders. He is the boots on the ground calm in the storm and boy do we need that.”

Sheriff Barry H. Babb

Sheriff's Office, Fayette County

“I have been blessed to know Frank Mercer since he was a child and remember vividly when he walked forward in a church service to give his life to full-time Christian service. I have watched him follow up his decision years later by pursuing educational and theological degrees. I also watched him use these degrees in some very large and influential churches. One are that Frank has always  had a heart for is that of working with emergency responders. Frank knows quite well the stressors and strains that come with those involved in making our communities a better place to live. Frank has honed his sill set as a chaplain helping these public servants. If you or your organization can benefit from chaplaincy, I would highly recommend pursuing more information on the chaplaincy programs that Frank Mercer offers.”

Dwight "Ike" Reighard

President and CEO, MUST Ministries

“Having Frank as our Chaplain has opened up a whole host of resources opportunities for the members of the department. He is available during situations that you would normally think of during emergencies. However, having a Chaplain on staff allows men and women that would not normally access a faith-based system to have ready access. He is also a resource that supplements the existing EAP for the county. Personnel outside the department have also recognized the value of the staff Chaplain and have called upon Frank to assist in a variety of other ways. Frank has been one of the greatest additions to the staff the department has made. I now can’t imagine not having this valuable resource.”

Thomas (Tom) F. Bartlett

Deputy Fire Chief, Fayette Couny Fire & Emergency Services

GOD is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. ~ Psalm 46:1

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